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Personal data stored on devices and data carriers, such as a PC, laptop and mobile phone:
Truyens Text stores your or your employer’s name, company name, postal address, telephone number, website address, email address and other information provided by you on devices and data carriers. This data may be processed for the purposes of providing services, maintaining database backups, creating invoices and communicating with you. These data are only provided to third parties in the context of fulfilling legal obligations, such as tax and VAT returns. We do not store personal data such as date of birth or gender, nor do we store personal data in the cloud.

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This website only uses cookies considered strictly necessary for normal website functions. These cookies, or identifiers, do not store any personal data and are used for the following purposes:

    ◙   For the provision of security measures on the website
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Privacy policy

If you would like to view our detailed privacy policy, I can send you a copy by email. Contact me if you have any questions or comments.