Translation – or better yet – Transcreation

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An informal letter, a polished presentation of your project or an important legal or technical document – when it comes to getting your message across the language must be clear and fit for purpose. And ideally it should not feel like a translation but a piece of creative writing. My brief is to find the right tone and style to resonate with your audience. With more than twenty years’ experience translating from Dutch to English for a wide range of customers, I am confident we can achieve this together. Combining a passion for words with attention to detail, I aim to get the job done professionally and with an eye for service.

Subject areas

As a court-sworn translator I provide Dutch to English translations of annual reports, appraisals, architectural projects, business communication, financial and legal texts, marketing, real estate projects, specifications, calls for proposals (higher and university education) and much more.    


Before I take on a project I provide you with a quote based on the source text and turnaround time so we are sure of what we agree on. In projects involving repetitive or recurring texts, I work with the latest version of Trados Studio, a Computer Assisted Translation tool. The advantages of using a CAT tool are speed, consistency and enhanced terminology management, which ensures consistency in your company’s communications. Unlike online translation programs, with a professional CAT tool (such as Trados, Wordfast, Déja vu) the translator is always in control of the translation and post-translation process. Quality is therefore assured.


This depends on the nature and volume of the text to be translated. If you’d like a rough – or a precise – indication of the costs, please feel free to contact me for a quote. My prices range from EUR 0.10 a word (volume discount) to EUR 0.18 a word for more specialised or certified texts. My hourly rates range from EUR 40 and EUR 60, depending on the text and deadline.


You can contact me here.